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The Ecuadorian government has declared a state of emergency due to protests by indigenous peoples in parts of the country



The decision allows for the suspension of certain civil rights

The Ecuadorian government has declared a state of emergency in three provinces on Friday due to several days of protests by indigenous peoples demanding, among other things, lower fuel prices.

After the roads were closed several times in recent days due to demonstrations, with the intervention of the police is dozens of people were injured, major rallies are now banned.

Ecuador is facing rising inflation, unemployment and poverty is further intensified during the pandemic covida-19. Fuel prices have risen sharply since 2020 and have almost doubled in the case of diesel.

Indigenous protesters, who make up more than a million of the country’s 17.7 million people, took to the streets this week to join the government, with students, workers and others joining them, the French news agency AFP reported.

As part of the demonstrations, roads across the country were closed, including a highway leading to the capital, Quito. In clashes with the police is at least 43 people were injured, 37 of them is police detained. In Quito is nearly 1,000 protesters tried to tear down a metal fence surrounding the president’s seat.

The president issued a decree allowing him to call up the army

In response to what is happening is focused in particular on the northern provinces Pichincha, Cotopaxi in Imbaburaje, is the President Guillermo Lasso on Friday, issued a decree allowing him to call up armed forces in the area to maintain order, suspend certain civil rights and declare a curfew.

“I am committed to defending our capital and country,” is said in an address on television. “I called k dialogue and answer is was more violence. There is no point in looking for solutions, “ is added.

To quell the anger of the protesters, is He also announced a small increase in the monthly allowance for the poorest in the country, and a program to reduce the debts of those who borrowed from state-owned banks. Before that is Lasso, a former banker, met with indigenous leaders on Thursday to ease tensions, but talks apparently yielded no results, AFP reported.

Source: Rtvslo

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