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Amazon arrives in Chile: They will be operational in 2023 and launch an online sales platform



Orders on the platform from Chile have been possible for a long time, but Amazon is betting on bringing a branch to Chile. The company will settle in Colombia in February 2023 and then arrive in Chile in April of the same year, the report said.

According to the report published in Business insider, Amazon could reach Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria and Belgium by the end of next year ..

It’s about the phone “Project Salsa” consists of bringing companies to the two Latin American countries mentioned above. .. The launch at that time is the first for Amazon in Latin America and Africa.

The medium also revealed it The North American platform already has a schedule detailing the arrival of Amazon on this side of the world. .. There, Colombia is scheduled for February 2023, Chile in April of the same year ..

The same dates are also specified for South Africa (February) and Nigeria (April). While in Belgium, it arrives a few months ago in September 2022. This means that Amazon exists in 20 countries and also in emerging markets when it comes to e-commerce. ..

What does Amazon mean when it arrives in Chile?

If the insider report is correct, The platform installs a specific sales catalog for Chile, which means cheaper shipping and a more comfortable buying process .. This is because you don’t have to pay for international shipping.

Nevertheless, This method can change the price and therefore the company’s profits may be low. .. The risk is a lower income range compared to the United States, United Kingdom and Japan.

for now, Amazon has not confirmed that this information is true. , It may depend on whether consumers in Chile and other countries mentioned are potential buyers to live up to the expectations of the company. The expansion is expected.

Source: Biobiochile

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