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Government will not oppose TPP11, but will present parallel projects according to program if approved



During the day last Wednesday, President Boric referred to the TPP11 legislative process and distanced himself from the proposal, recalling that he voted against the initiative when he was vice president. Nevertheless, he indicated that the process was in the hands of the Senate and that as a government they would look after the country’s economic interests without impeding the project.

During the day this Thursday and during a visit to the United States, the Finance Minister Mario Marcel referred to bilateral conferences he held with various countries international investors, as well as addressing national issues such as the progress of A Comprehensive and Progressive Treaty of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP11).

his statement was given under the framework of a visit with the president Gabriel Borich to attend United Nations General Assembly, Made in New York

“From TPP11, if you look at the president’s statement yesterday, I think he establishes a very clear fact.” Marcel said.

“The project is currently in the legislative decision stage and has already passed the legislative stage in the House of Representatives. It is now in the hands of the Senate. he repeated.

“If the project goes to a room vote, the government is not going to object to it or cause any problems. We have no intention of interfering with that process. ” Said.

“On the other hand, if the project is approved, The government plans to present sidecard issues in a separate project wave italics, Because that also requires legislation,” he commented.

“If Chile’s inclusion in TPP11 is approved, We are also concerned that countries in this group are playing a more active role in the international trade debate. ” sentenced.

TPP11 and bilateral meetings in New York

The President attended the same press point before Minister Marcel spoke. Gabriel Borich He was pleased with the results obtained from various bilateral conferences held in the United States.

“There are people who hold important positions in the economic world, It was a meeting that was very beneficial to our country’s interests.” officials noted.

He added: our country will move forward And make the meeting we’ve been looking for so long come true. “

this is “Watch out for macroeconomic stability And create the conditions that enable us to better deal with economic contingencies that affect the entire world. “

On the other hand, the president said, “Our government is not only concerned, but it is also concerned with economic progress.”

“The last few years have been difficult for our families. rice field.

After this, the President said: different sectors of the national economy.

“I want to tell Our priority is tourism workers, commercial workers and working women. Facing the rising cost of living is a priority for our government,” he argued.

“As president of all Chileans, I would like to assure you that we are working with great responsibility and unity. Aims to create more links between the public and private sectors We have good news for our economy in the coming weeks. ” The president is finished.

Source: Biobiochile

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