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Lawyer Murder in Ecuador Becomes Symbol of Violence Against Women



After Bernal went missing when he went to visit her husband, Herman Cáceres, at the High Police Academy and set off all the alarms, Ecuadorian residents are still in shock after the worst suspicions were confirmed this Thursday. I woke up.

murder of Maria Belén Bernal The lawyer, who was allegedly strangled in a police station at the hands of her fugitive lieutenant husband, has become one of Ecuador’s most iconic faces of violence after the situation in Ecuador sent a major alarm to the country. I aim to become Case.

The body of a 34-year-old lawyer was found Wednesday in a ravine near a police academy in northern Quito after a 10-day intensive search in Ecuador.

An autopsy later revealed that she had been strangled. national police, Faust Salinas.

“We know something happened in the bedroom,” Salinas explained in a statement to Centro radio station.

“From there[Cáceres]was looking for an alibi to get rid of his guilt. did not.

Murder lawyer murdered in Ecuador

Evidence collected during the investigation identifies Lt. Caceres as the prime suspect in the murder.

Ecuadorian authorities, such as Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo, did not hesitate to describe the incident as a “woman’s murder.”

Thus, if Cáceres is confirmed as the author of the murder, Bernal’s death is becoming the most obvious face in this long list of registered femicides for 2022.

After conducting an autopsy, the body of Maria Belén Bernal arrived at the Ecuador Central University theater on Wednesday.

There, a burning chapel was set up in the desperate front of Elizabeth Otavalo, the victim’s mother, who was trying to calm Bernal’s 13-year-old son.

“Today my daughter is already an angel, but that is not the end. So it’s a state crime, gentlemen. You can’t go unpunished. My daughter won’t be just another statistic,” Otavalo said.

The coffin was received with chanting: “No less than one, love each other and live long”, “May the slaughter fall hard.”

Crying “I won’t lose one”

According to Minister Carrillo, the incident completely broke the heart of the Ecuadorian police. in the police training center curriculum.

At the same time, there are 12 members of the police who have had files opened for contributing to the event, either by action or omission, including a cadet in a temporary prison.

Meanwhile, an investigation into the case, including an operation to find the fugitive Caceres, has continued since he gave his first statement to the public prosecutor’s office last week and was released without charge.

As part of the proceedings, the public prosecutor’s office reported Thursday that Cáceres’ sister’s home was raided at dawn.

Above is one of Quito’s wealthiest neighborhoods and also the home where a friend of a treated cadet lives.

Ecuadorian police have also issued an international alert about the possible escape of police academy instructor Cáceres, with a government reward of up to $20,000 for informants. his whereabouts.

Source: Biobiochile

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