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To promote electromobility: companies agree to set up public charging points across the country



Across the country, 24 Petrobras service stations are already in the implementation stage and will be part of a new nationwide public charging network to facilitate electric vehicles in the country. In addition, the agreement will allow the continuation of the Enel X-Way “Electroroute” plan, which aims to connect Chile to its chargers by 2026.

Enel X-Way and Petrobras Chile have signed an agreement to allow the implementation of various public fast-charging points in gas companies’ service station networks across the country, with the aim of bringing electromobility closer to the people.Both companies aim to overcome 150 stations nationwide by 2025 .

This time, two fast chargers are integrated, with the possibility of charging two vehicles simultaneously with a power of up to 60 kW, using Asian (chademo) and European (CCS2 and type 2) standard connectors, Provide vehicle users with different charging options. Electricity.

Carlos Larrain, General Manager of Smax (Licensee of Petrobras in Chile) emphasized: Today, we are committed to installing 150 fast charging points across Chile, from Arica to Tierra del Fuego. “

“Our goal is to reach communities across the country, promote electromobility and clean energy, reduce our carbon footprint and make gas stations a meeting place for local communities,” he added. rice field.

Currently, the gas company has two sales offices and about 23 service stations in the implementation stage. In the future, it is expected that there will be at least 150 service stations with public charging points by 2025.

Agreement to promote electromobility
Enel XWay | Petrobras Chile

First electromobility milestone in Latin America

first time “electric station” Latin America of Latin America, established in April 2011 in Santiago, in partnership with Enel, Marubeni (Nissan) and Petrobras Chile.

This fact marked the starting point for electric mobility in a country that had few electric vehicles at the time.

The installations were carried out at the Petrobras service stations in Américo Vespucio and Vitacura, enabling the first electric vehicles in circulation in Santiago to be charged in just 30 minutes, guaranteeing autonomy for the first 130 kilometers.

To date, Enel X-Way has installed approximately 350 electric chargers across the country through various public-private partnerships.

Companies promote electromobility
Enel XWay | Petrobras Chile

Source: Biobiochile

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