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Bukele calls former presidents who oppose his re-election ‘assassins’: Eduardo Frey is among them



Bukele’s chances of being re-elected for a second consecutive term in 2024 opened in September 2021. That’s when the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Court in question amended the interpretive standard for Article 152 of the Magna Carta, issued in 2014.

President of El Salvador, Naive Bukele This Thursday, he harshly criticized 21 former presidents of Spain and Latin America. Eduardo Frey Luis Tagle.

These authorities Organization of the Americas (OAS) action for their intent to be re-elected. “Corrupts, looters, some of them, even murderers.”

these are 21 former heads of state and government in Spain and Latin America On Wednesday, with the General Secretariat Permanent Council of the Organization of American States act on (OAS) “Promote the normalization of democratic institutions” in El Salvador.

Bukele resumes on his twitter account A publication by Juan Pappier, Senior Research Fellow in the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW).

NGO representatives Democratization Initiative in Spain and the Americas (idea).

A letter signed by Corrupt Plunderer and some of them Assassin. hated by all. I would be very worried if you could support me. Thank God it’s not. ” A message posted on Bukele’s verified Twitter account said:

Among the former presidents who signed the letter, Oscar Arias (Costa Rica), Jose Maria Asnal (Spain), Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox (Mexico), Andres Pastrana (Columbia), Mireya Moscoso (Panama), Luis Alberto Lacal (Uruguay), Mauricio Macri (Argentina) and Eduardo Frey.

Re-election chances for Nayib Bukele

Bukele’s candidacy underscores statements and violates principles. “Replacement of Presidency” ” and other obligations of the Constitution of El Salvador.

This is to prevent people who have “Once the office of president is exercised, he can continue his duties for one more day.”

past presidents think “If the current President of El Salvador wishes to come true” That is where there are “changes to the constitutional order which seriously affect that democratic order, as expressly set forth in Article 20 of the Inter-American Charter for Democracy”.

The resolution that prevented Bukele’s re-election was He had to wait ten years after his term ended.

In 2013, Bukele said in an interview that in El Salvador “The constitution does not allow the same person to become president twice in a row.”

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