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Christina Fernandez accuses ‘lies and defamation’ during corruption trial against her



In her speech, the leader of Kirchnerist Peronism, who for several years claimed to be a victim of the political and judicial persecution devised by the government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), congratulated her lawyer . She claimed and demonstrated those “lies, slander and libel.”

Vice President of Argentina, Christina Fernandez She was denounced this Friday when she was declared in court to try her on allegations of corruption. “Lie, slander, slander” She assured the public prosecutor’s office, which had filed a 12-year prison sentence against her last August, had suffered.

“At the end of the hearing, I would like to formally request this court to extract testimony from all of the prosecutor’s lies and compare it with the documents, experts and testimony evidence obtained in this trial,” Fernandez said. said..

former, former Oral Federal Criminal Court of Buenos Aires 2, He added that he faced a “clear case of prejudice”, as detailed. profile.

Fernandez testified in his own defense during the pleadings stage of the trial via videoconference from his office in the Senate, which he chairs.

This is the legal action facing allegations of irregular awarding of public works during his presidency (2007-2015), after a failed attack that left him at the door of his home. Only 3 weeks have passed.

“In this same courtroom, prosecutors and judges are playing (football) in Macri’s fifth (mansion), which doesn’t seem to surprise anyone,” the vice president began.

Please note that Christina Fernandez has been indicted in various cases, of which only this one, known as “Cause Viability,” is on trial.

Trial Against Vice President Cristina Fernandez

Fernandez is accused of illegal association and mismanagement of public funds.

This includes the 51 companies to which the businessman Lázaro Baez belonged during his tenure and that of his husband, the late Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) in the southern state of Santa Cruz, the birthplace of politics. Because there was an injustice in the concession of public works. of Kirchnerism.

“To pull my hair out of this trial, they pulled out the constitution, the criminal law, the civil law, the logic, everything by the hair. It lacks seriousness and makes it ridiculous,” he argued.

In the Vice President’s opinion, this alleged “illegal dating has no head or tail.”

“It’s very unconstitutional, anti-republican and anti-federal,” she said, along with her husband, convinced they were chosen by the people.

Source: Biobiochile

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