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Bolsonaro asks fans to wear the shirt of the Brazilian team in Sunday’s election



Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has said he will wear the shirt of the Brazilian football team when voting on Sunday in the presidential election in which the president is seeking re-election, despite polls favoring Lula Da. called out to supporters. Silver.

president of brazil, Jair Bolsonaro Wednesday urged his followers to wear national soccer team jerseys and vote in upcoming Sunday elections when the current head of state seeks re-election.

Bolsonaro said in a live broadcast via his social networks that the Electoral Commission is considering banning shirts inside polling stations because the colors yellow and green are associated with the presidential campaign. criticized that

“Will Chief Electoral Court President Alexandre Demoraies ban the use of national team shirts? That’s too much interference. What are you afraid of? Do you?” said the far-right Brazilian leader.

According to local media, some members of the Transparency Commission set up by the Electoral Commission to oversee elections in 2021 have asked Demoraes to consider the ban, but the same reports said , the High Magistrate dismissed the possibility.

On his show, Bolsonaro also stepped up his criticism of former Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, the opposition candidate and big favorite in Sunday’s election.

According to Bolsonaro, It is a “lie” to say that Lula was “not guilty” of a corruption charge where he spent 580 days in prison. He criticized the suspension of proceedings against the former president, who owed 18 million reais (about $3.6 million) in taxes.

On Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Gilmer Mendes suspended the tax collection process for Lula, who backs Bolsonaro by 15 to 18 percentage points in all voter polls.

the president quoted Mendes was “part of the vote that ‘blamed’ Lula, and the process went back to the first instance.” And, according to Bolsonaro, his political rivals will “not pay the millions of bills” he would owe to the national coffers, and also “enter with demands for compensation to the Brazilian state.” do”.

The president said Lula “is seeking compensation for the time he was imprisoned. I can be sure that you will ask for it,’ he said ironically.

He also noted that he had to run his show outside the presidential palace following an order from the election attorney that prevented him from using it for this kind of broadcast during the election campaign. I felt ashamed,” he said.

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