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After the closing of the polling stations in the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the introduction of changes to the electoral law



More incidents at polling stations

The high representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, announced shortly after the closing of the polls in the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina that he had introduced changes to the electoral law.

General elections were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By 3 p.m., 35 percent of the slightly more than 3.3 million eligible voters had voted, and several incidents, irregularities and even an attempt at serious electoral fraud were recorded at the polling stations. The elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina were monitored by around 60,000 observers, including almost four thousand international observers.

During the day, the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina reported on several irregularities and even physical settlements at the polling stations. In the village Hozići one of the more serious attempts at electoral fraud was also confirmed in the case of Bosanski Nov. Someone brought there 350 pre-filled ballots for all levels of government, which led to the dismissal of the election committee. Based on the decision of the Chief Prosecutor of BiH, Milanko Kajganić, five members of the committee were arrested.

The polling station was temporarily closed twice due to irregularities Livnu, after the vice president of the electoral committee and a woman threatened to take the ballots from the polling station. V Veliki Kladuši there was a physical attack on a member of the electoral committee at one of the polling stations, v Dojo and to an attack on an international observer, N1 television reported. He was allegedly attacked by one of the voters who did not want him to take his photo.

A voter from Tuzla Drazen Jurišić. At the polling station, he noticed that his late grandfather was on the list of eligible voters, and he also noticed the names of his aunt and grandmother, who died more than 12 years ago.

In the village Čengić according to the local media, they noticed another interesting thing. Some residents of the village, who could still see well before the election, came to the polling station accompanied by guides. According to local television BN TV, all the certificates that they “went blind” were signed by the director of the health center in Bijeljina and a member of the SNSD party, Danijela Đukin. As they found out after additional verification, 80 people received medical certificates just before the election, and voting was therefore suspended for two hours.

In the elections, voters chose three members of the Presidency of BiH, members of the lower house of the Parliament of BiH, the lower house of the Parliament of the Bosniak-Croat Federation of BiH, the Parliament of the Republika Srpska, the president and two vice-presidents of the latter, and members of the assemblies of the ten cantons of the federation.

More than 7,200 candidates from 90 political parties and 38 party coalitions and 17 independent candidates ran for these positions.

A close fight between Bosniaks is expected in the elections for members of the BiH presidency Bakir Izetbegović and Denis Bećirović and between the two Croatian candidates Željko Komšić and Borjana Krišto.

Head of the Croatian Democratic Community (HDZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Covic said in Mostar that he expects a convincing victory for his party and the coalition of parties that joined the HDZ, as well as Borjane Kristo.

She is considered a favorite among the Serbian representatives Željka Cvijanović. Former Serbian member of the presidency Milorad Dodik is not competing for this position, but is running for president of the Republika Srpska.

Schmidt introduced changes to the electoral law of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Christina Schmidt.  Photo: EPA

High representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt announced shortly after the closing of the polling stations in the general elections in BiH tonight that he had introduced changes to the electoral law. In a public letter, he explained to the citizens that he had made decisions “which will ensure that their vote is taken into account and that their democratic will is respected”.

“You have shown your responsibility by voting democratically, now your will must be respected – this must be followed by the rapid formation of the government, parliaments and judicial institutions, which must immediately deal with many serious problems so that Bosnia and Herzegovina can progress on the way to the status of a candidate for membership in the EU,” Schmidt announced in a letter to voters.

He explained that with the changes he introduced mechanisms for unblocking and strict deadlines, which will ensure the functioning of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He simplified many procedures. “Following today’s decisions, no political party and no elected political representative will be able to hold the federation hostage anymore,” explained the high representative and emphasized that he also included a requirement for mandatory cooperation in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “which is the basis for everyone’s progress”.

Schmidt also increased the number of representatives in the House of Nations of the parliament of this Bosniak-Croat entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, according to his own statements, enabled the distribution of mandates in such a way as to “correct the overrepresentation of each of the three constituent nations in some cantons”. In addition, other nations from all cantons are now represented in the House of Nations for the first time.

Schmidt wanted to accept substantive changes to the electoral law already in July, but withdrew from them. At that time, an unofficial document circulated in the media, which was supposed to contain, among other things, the introduction of a three percent electoral threshold for the election of representatives to the House of Nations of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not clear from the letter whether Schmidt introduced the three percent voter threshold with this time’s changes.

Source: Rtvslo

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