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Local and local elections in Peru: Empty table shows indifference to elections



24.7 million Peruvians are called to vote in local and regional elections, but on the first day they were left with a postcard indicating a lack of public interest in the country’s politics. This was because polling stations were vacant and many summoned members (speakers) were absent.

Empty tables due to the absence of summoned members (table members) and lack of voters marked the first hours of Peru’s local and municipal elections. This shows the public’s indifference to the country’s politics.

“No members came, just the president. They demanded an ID to fine the person.

Baka waited for over an hour in the central Campo de Marte park, where a large open polling place was set up under the capital’s gray sky.

“They told me the person I was playing with didn’t show up and I was first in line so I accepted to be a volunteer (…) I’m a widow, I have time ‘ said Isabel Martinez. You have to stay in her position until the table closes.

Beside him, Ana Mendoza arrived at the vote center at 6am to become polling place president, but it didn’t open until nearly 10am because one person was missing.

“Fortunately, women are a role model to offer themselves and follow,” he said, adding that no other incidents had been found other than this delay.

this Sunday, 24.7 million Peruvians called to vote Determine regional and municipal leaders for 2023-2026.

According to the National Elections Office (Onpe), 10:30 a.m. 41,988 polling stations were installed, When the Election Commission reported a total of 84,323 expected.

Delay in setting the table

At the beginning of Election Day, the small white tents in Lima Park were either filled with long lines of polling station members waiting for the rest of the voters to arrive, or simply empty. This phenomenon was repeated in schools and polling stations. countries around the world.

A lady who did not want to give her name pointed out that we had been in line for over an hour and a half because no member of our table came.

“We had to encourage the Peruvians to work together so that we could vote because they told us we would have to pay a fine if we didn’t set up a table. It’s not fair,” she said without explaining why she didn’t fill the position herself.

Seconds before I cast my vote in the ballot box, it wasn’t clear who I was going to vote for. “I will decide now whether to mark”

Like many of his fellow citizens, he smiled and confessed that he didn’t like any of the candidates because “they’re all corrupt.”

indifference to elections

Election campaigns have received less attention in recent weeks in a country where citizens feel fed up with politics.

for Mayor of Limahome to one-third of Peruvians, the latest polls show very close results among candidates vying for the position.

Businessman Rafael Lopez Arriaga is from the ultra-conservative Renovacion People’s Party and a right-wing retired general. US Army Daniel Uresti is the favorite, but George Forsyth, a former soccer player from center-right Somos Peru, has recently gained more support.

However, the majority of citizens decide their votes based on a candidate’s past and trajectory rather than ideology or specific proposals.

For example, Anki, a young man who was about to vote at a school in a wealthy neighborhood of San Isidro, explained to Efe that he had decided on “Porky” (the nickname by which Lopez Arriaga was known).

“He’s already had experience with fundraising and business matters, so I think he’s a safer person compared to others,” he said.

Geraldine didn’t say who she voted for immediately after she posted her ballot, but it seemed to her that “it makes sense given how this person’s career has progressed.” He also emphasized that this person voted because most of them had, so there is no record.

Source: Biobiochile

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