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Brazilian elections: Lula and Bolsonaro advance to second round according to provisional results



Brazil’s electoral college voted this Sunday after elections called to renew local councils, with 156.4 million voters electing a president, governors, legislators and a third of the Senate. Closed.

At 5pm (in both Chile and Brasilia) the voting tables began to close. Brazil where the presidential primary will be held this Sunday, Governors, senators, federal and state representatives.

therefore, Supreme Electoral Court We have officially started counting votes.This gives you a wide range of advantages up front Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro pass to Second round.

However, many places are unable to close due to long lines, and authorities expect to be open for a few more hours.

If no candidate receives a majority of valid votes, the two with the most votes must face off. Round 2 scheduled for October 30th.

A scenario of violence was expected on the day after four politically motivated murders occurred during the campaign.

Closing seats during elections in Brazil

Added to this are multiple clashes between supporters of the two favorite candidates, the president. Jair Bolsonaro and former president Lula da Silva even the Supreme Court has banned the carrying of weapons from this Saturday through this Monday.

Nevertheless, The day ended without any major incidents. Except for some abnormal situations.

They had been registered in the country up to two hours before the closure, according to the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Public Security. 663 electoral crimes.

in all this process 250 arrested Among them were several local candidates who advertised themselves inside polling stations and violated election laws.

Source: Biobiochile

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