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Lula’s Rivalry with Bolsonaro: Ex-Judge Sergio Moro Elected to Brazilian Senate



Sergio Moro, the former judge who imprisoned Lula da Silva in the Lava Jato case and Jair Bolsonaro’s former minister who left the cabinet after accusing the president of politically interfering with the federal police, said: It secured a seat in the Senate in this Sunday’s general election.

former judge Serge Moore he imprisoned the former president as a magistrate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva He then served as the government’s Minister of Justice. Jair Bolsonaro – with whom he later fell out – won a seat in the Brazilian Senate in this Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

Moro, a former symbol of Brazil’s fight against corruption, He wanted to run for president, but eventually his party, the Union of Brazil, forced him to give it up. And today, he counted 98.2% of the ballot box, winning 33.7% of the votes in Paraná (southern side).

The former judge surpassed Bolsonaro’s closest candidate, Paulo Martins (29.1%). Alvaro Diaz (23.9%); Roseanne Ferreira (8.0%).

Moro won a contested seat in the state of Paraná, from which he tried in the first instance. Operation Lava Jato which uncovered a corruption conspiracy at state-owned Petrobras in 2014 and imprisoned businessmen and politicians, including Lula, who spent 580 days in prison.

Another ally of Lava Jato, who was the coordinating prosecutor for that operation at the time. Deltan Daranyol was elected to the federal parliament and received the most votes from the state of Paraná, more votes than the president of PT. Greige Hoffman According to official results.

Moro’s wife is also running in these parliamentary elections, Losangela Moro is a candidate for federal deputy congressman of the State of São Paulo.

Operation Lava Jat fell into disgrace from the moment the Supreme Court abrogated many of these processes due to jurisdictional issues, and moreover, it was brought up against Lula, who will likely contest the second election. Moro declared “unfair” in a lawsuit filed by former President Bolsonaro.

Moro left the judiciary to become Bolsonaro’s Minister of Justice in 2019. Moro won the election last year and is looking to renew his four-year term this year.

However, he resigned in April 2020 in conflict with the head of state, He accused the federal police of political interference to further his own interests.

He then ran for president, becoming the third most popular candidate in the polls, behind Lula and Bolsonaro. The intention to vote was about 10%, but Union Brazil eventually dropped his name.

About 156 million Brazilians went to vote today to elect a president, 27 state governors, 513 congressmen, one-third of the 81 senators, and their regional legislatures. rice field.

Source: Biobiochile

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