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The Hidden Power of Bolsonalism Leads to an Unexpected Second Round



Now four more weeks into the campaign, one of the keys is the position taken by the center-right Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB) Senator Simone Tebet and Democratic Labor Party bannerman Ciro Gomez. One (PDT) shared the support of almost 8% of voters this Sunday. There was a sector in their party that had already anticipated support for Lula.

Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva won elections in Brazil this Sunday, but the hidden forces of President Jair Bolsonaro, whose magnitude polls have failed to fully detect, have led to unexpected surprises. forced the second round.

Lula, an advocate of the progressive front, received 48.3% of the vote, within the margin of error predicted by most polls, while the far-right leader saw the polls fall as high as 37%. achieved support of 43.2% of voters when .

Regional results show that voter flows undetected by polls are hidden, among other things, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest electoral college, where Bolsonaro governor candidate Tarcisio Gómez de Freitas has a 42% stake. Earned. 7 points more than demographic studies predicted.

He will also have to contend in the second round against progressive Fernando Haddad, Lula’s Dolphin and poll favorite, but he finished just 35%.

The São Paulo result was key, cutting the 12-15 percent gap Lula had maintained in the polls against Bolsonaro by more than half, opening it all up to the second round on October 30.

Bolsonaro was also helped by Claudio Castro, who was re-elected in the first round of the Governor of Rio Janeiro. He achieved a staggering 58% compared to his 27% for progressive Marcelo Freixo, a gap that was not foreseen in any poll. .

Seeking votes for Tebet and Gomez

There are now four more weeks of the election campaign, and one of the keys is the Senate’s position to be elected. Simone Tebet of the center-right Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB) Y Ciro Gomez, leader of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) shared the support of nearly 8% of voters this Sunday.

Tebet came third with 4.1%, followed by Gomes (3%), but their party already had a sector that expected support for Lula this Sunday.

That way Lula has more room to fish than Bolsonaro, who in principle has the difficult task of adding votes beyond the far right and most conservative sectors that support him.

Gómez expected to endorse neither Bolsonaro nor Lula, but the PDT, historically close to the former president, hinted that he would back in the second round.

Perhaps for this reason, the Labor candidate said this Sunday that he would “take a few days to think” after learning the results, and that he would consult “with the party” on the final decision.

Tebet remained elusive after the polls closed and said he would consult the MDB, but made it clear he did not intend to “forget it.”

“The word is with the party now because I respect the decision-making process, but because I am responsible, I will make a statement within 48 hours maximum,” she declared.

Lula and Bolsonaro, “Let’s talk to everyone”

Lula, who won the second round of two elections in 2002 and 2007, announced today that she is open to talks with all branches of politics, as she has on other occasions.

Bolsonaro said the same thing.Bolsonaro forgot about his threats not to recognize the adverse outcome and even admitted that the Brazilian expressed his “will to change” this Sunday.

And he has already set the tone for next year’s Oct. 30 election campaign by stressing that “this change can’t get any worse.”

Citing the examples of Argentina, Chile and Colombia, he cited countries whose rights have been recently disenfranchised by progressive leaders, he argued that Brazilians “cannot risk losing their freedom.”

He also asserted that Lula’s victory would jeopardize “religious liberty” and the “respect” the current government has for “family” and “traditional values”. But he hinted at continuing to emphasize it. Plus, the ultra-conservative agenda he came to power in 2018.

Source: Biobiochile

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