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Officials promise to reveal 125 deaths after football tragedy in Indonesia



The tragedy unfolded as thousands of fans of local team Arema Club stormed the field and clashed with security forces after their 2-3 loss to Persebaya Surabaya, killing two police officers and 17 minors. It occurred after at least 125 people died, including Over 320 people were injured.

the authorities of Indonesia They promised to reveal 125 deaths this Monday. including 17 minors, During the stampede at the football stadium after the police tear gas Against violent fans.

stadium Kanjuruhan from the city of marang, After experiencing the worst tragedy in Indonesian football on Saturday in Java, One of the worst episodes in the sport ever recorded worldwide.

Indonesian Security Minister, Mahood MD, Today, we announced the establishment of an independent committee. In order to find out what happened at Kangjulhan Stadium, Players, employees and fans of Alema Football Club paid tribute to the victims in tears this Monday.

At a press conference, Mr Mahd said the commission said: investigate violent behavior those committed by fans, and the actions of agents when the limits of the use of force are exceeded.

The research team will publish their findings. in a few weeks, according to the minister.

Malang Police Chief, Feri Hidayat He was removed from office while an investigation was conducted.

again, 28 agents under review Due to an incident during Saturday’s match in Malang, Java.

Clashes between fans and police

Security guards responded with tear gas. trying to stop the attack causing panic among fans, caused the stampede.

Angry crowds attacked police, destroyed various infrastructures at the sports center, As well as 15 vehicles, In outbreaks of violence described by police “anarchy”.

Most of the victims died for the following reasons. Choking, trauma or trampling, According to hospital sources and eyewitnesses.

“At first all I could hear was the sound of bombs. (tear gas), The blows, the screams, the cries and the people broke everything,” the Brazilian goalkeeper told Efe. Adilson dos Santos People who have been in Arema for more than 1 year.

“But they started carrying the wounded. Some are already dead. Many were blue due to lack of oxygen. They died before our eyes. ” Santos, 32, said in a phone interview.

“We had nowhere to run and were waiting for the moment (the fans) to pick us up. Those were the worst times of my life. ” Added a soccer player who is from Southern Paraná.

Indonesian league in aftermath of tragedy Temporarily suspend all scheduled meetings Competitive.

Investigation after Indonesian football tragedy

Deputy Director Human Rights Watch (HRWMore) For Asia, Phil Robertson called for an investigation into the cases of mostly high-ranking police officers and set-up agents. ‘Massive and excessive tear gas’

Robertson said gas “Apparently they caused suffocation and caused a crowd of people to swarm towards the exit where many were trampled to death.

International Football Federation (FIFA) bans the use of tear gas by police stationed on football fields.

“Football World he is shocked After the tragic incident in Indonesia after the match, Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya At the Kanjurhan stadium,” FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Sunday.

The year 1964 was the worst tragedy in football. 328 killed, 800 injured in a match between teams in Lima Peru and Argentina, In 2001, riots broke out in Ghana, 130 dead in match between Accra Hearts and Kumasi Ashanti.

Source: Biobiochile

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