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Former CIA Director Warns Putin Against Use Of Nuclear Weapons: ‘US Will Destroy Russian Military’



Former CIA Director David Petraeus has declared that Russia is “hopeless” and that “the reality of the battlefield is already irreversible” for Moscow.

Former CIA director says if Russian president Vladimir Putin, dared to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the United States and its allies “They will destroy Russian forces and equipment that have invaded Ukraine.”

According to the UK site guardian, On October 2nd, the United States retired a four-star general from the Army.

as a result, David Petraus The former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said he did not speak to the US national security adviser. Jake Sullivan On how the United States can respond to Russia’s nuclear buildup.

petreius said ABC News: “It’s just a hypothesis that the United States should lead the collective action of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in response.”

the above, “To eliminate all regular Russian forces and all warships in the Black Sea visible on the Ukrainian and Crimean battlefields.”

Former CIA chief when asked if Russia would pull US and NATO into war if Russia used nuclear weapons in Ukraine he said it wouldn’t be.

As mentioned above, Ukraine is not a member of NATO, despite the fact that the United States and North Atlantic organizations have responded in concert to defend European nations.

According to Petraeus, radiation from the use of nuclear weapons could spread to NATO member states, which could be interpreted as an attack on them.

The former US official added: “This question is too bad to be answered and left unanswered.”

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