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A US trial begins against one of the leaders of the attack on the Capitol.



The five lawmakers stored weapons, ammunition and grenades in a hotel near the U.S. capital to “prevent several lawmakers from proving their election,” according to the indictment, prosecutor Jeffrey. Nessler said

Sedition trials of several members of far-right groups Oath Keeper, including the founder stewart rhodes for his role during Attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 Oral arguments began in Washington this Monday.

The group’s leader, Rhodes, and four of his members are accused of conspiring to try to force a confirmation of Joe Biden’s election victory. Democrats took the presidency from Donald Trump.

For Nessler, this simple fact is enough to merit an accusation of conspiracy to commit sedition, regardless of whether there is a verbal or written agreement.

In a statement, prosecutors described members of the group as well-organized “leaders” of the mob of people who seized the Hitachi seat.

During the attack that killed five people and wounded more than 140 police officers, Rhodes stood outside the building to oversee the operation.

This prompted another defendant, Kelly Meggs, to lead a group of 14 into the Capitol, where they split into two groups of seven, one to the Senate and one to the House.

Meanwhile, Rhodes’ defense tried to convince jurors that groups of armed sworn guardians stationed in hotels around Washington did not intend to prevent Biden’s confirmation. I intended to “react” if I asked for intervention.

US Trial for Attack on Capitol Building

According to Philip Linder, a lawyer representing Rhodes, the request was intended to protect “high-level” persons who had taken part in the demonstrations in front of the parliament building.

But Trump said he heard, through an intermediary, that Rhodes repeatedly asked an unknown interlocutor for Trump’s intervention.

The indictment believed members of the group planned to use force to prevent Biden from being confirmed, regardless of what Trump said.

The Oath Keepers are a loose organization affiliated with the civil militia. They accept anyone as a member, but their recruitment efforts are focused on ex-military, police, and paramedics.

The trial in US District Court in Washington, which is expected to last four to six weeks, is the first of several trials against far-right groups for anti-government actions.

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