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Lula speaks to ‘all political forces’ to form ‘democratic bloc’ against Bolsonaro



Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva said on Monday to form a “democratic bloc” to oppose incumbent ruler Jair Bolsonaro, with a view to the second round of elections on Oct. 30. announced that it intended to speak to “all political parties.”

former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva announced this Monday that he intends to speak with “all political forces” to form a “democratic bloc” Oppose incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro, with a view to the second round of elections on October 30.

A hotel in São Paulo, where “we need to conclude agreements and talk to everyone” because “60% of the Brazilian population currently rejects this government”.

The Labor Party (PT) leader amassed a major following just one day after winning the first round of the election, with 48.4% of the vote, compared to 43.2% for the far-right leader.

Some polls predicted Lula would be elected president in the first round, so the results were somewhat bittersweet. Bolsonaro has shown a strength the polls don’t reflect.

From the leadership of the PT, they insisted on reinforcing the message that the result was a “victory”, indicating the resurgence of the Lula-led party in Tekken in just four years since its creation in 1980.

2018, Lula was in jail last year after her corruption conviction was revoked, and Bolsonalism was on the rise. But 2022 came close to winning in the first round, partisan sources note.

Lula’s Allies Seek Humility

“It is time for all democrats to come together so that democracy can be preserved and expanded,” said ecologist Marina Silva, who was elected federal vice-president and who reconciled with Lula in these elections. told reporters.

Silva stressed that it was “everyone’s responsibility” to stop “Bolsonaro’s war” against the country’s “public policies and institutions.”

For this reason, he urged retired Army captains to “be very careful” and “not treat everyone who voted as a ‘fascist’.”

“It takes a lot of humility to have that dialogue.” he added.

More direct was former São Paulo governor Marcio França, who also allied himself with Lula but was defeated by former Minister Bolsonaro and failed to achieve his goal of being elected to the Senate.

Shortly before his meeting with Lula, França told reporters that the former mechanical lathe operator who ruled Brazil from 2003 to 2010 was going further to the center and a priori trying to lure the Bolsonalist bulwark. requested to do so.

In this sense, he drew attention to small farmers, militarized police officers, and evangelicals. The latter group was largely aligned with Bolsonaro in championing ultraconservative values ​​such as the denial of abortion.

‘We have to spread the word’ he argued.

Bolsonaro Encourages ‘Maintaining Focus’

Bolsonaro was sent by the government headquarters in Brasilia this Monday to receive some of the local government candidates.

On the results of the election, the president urged his supporters to keep mobilizing through his favorite media, social networks.

“Concentrate! One of the main objectives achieved” The far-right leader wrote alluding to the fact that he made it to the second round and the good performance of the right in the parliamentary elections.

According to Mr Bolsonaro, conservatives have achieved “what it takes to liberate Brazil from a very outrageous authoritarianism, intimidation and injustice” in the polls.

In his opinion, “the most profound changes in this country have already begun” and “the people are not to be feared”.

Source: Biobiochile

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