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Argentina forms Joint Command, deploys federal troops to conflict zones with Mapuche



The Argentine government on Tuesday formed a unified command of the federal armed forces with the aim of strengthening security in the Vila Mascardi region, amid an escalation of violence in the conflict with the Mapuche. It therefore deployed federal troops to the area “intended for the coordination of inter-military control and crime-fighting activities.”

The Argentinian government will deploy federal troops this Tuesday. Villa Mascardi in Patagonia black river In recent weeks, there have been reports of disturbances by groups calling themselves Mapuche, including arson by the Gendarmerie (Security Forces) security forces.

The deployment of federal troops will take place on the same day that the Ministry of Security created the Vila Mascardi Zone Unified Guard, comprising the Argentine Federal Police, the National Gendarmerie, the Naval Prefecture and the Airport Security Police, according to released documents. Resolution. In the Official Gazette.

The purpose of the unified command of the federal forces is to “prevent episodes of violence in areas with a history of this kind and hitherto avoided by the implementation of gendarmerie posts” attacked on 26 March. . his september last year.

On that day, a group of hooded men set fire to an observation post of the Mobile Gendarmerie at Villa Mascardi, which had been set up in the area two weeks earlier, and the gendarmerie was 2 kilometers away from the site. withdrew from the place.

The Federal Court in Bariloche and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Bariloche indicated that these incidents were carried out by a community member who identified himself as “Rof Raffken Winkle Mapu” and that the attackers descended on 15 to 20 people with face coverings. rice field. From the mountains – they would have used various types of weapons, including firearms, the rule claims.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Bariloche has indicted members of the “Lof” for these acts, showing that this community illegally settled land adjacent to the north on the side of Route 40 itself, and that such settlement Extortion. By violent means added the norm.

‘We are making some moves,’ Security Minister Anibal Fernandez told the channel TN.

“We act on judicial rulings. It is not right and we must be able to normalize the situation,” he added.

Residents of Villa Mascardi have been in conflict since 2017 with settlements of the ‘Lof Rafken Winkle Mapu’ community, which have not been registered by any official agency and are illegally located on land belonging to the National Park Service doing.

Source: Biobiochile

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