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They investigate breach of Colombian military by same hackers who leaked information in Chile


Similar to Chile and Mexico, Colombia is investigating the Guacamaya hacktivist group’s breach of the military leader’s system, but the exact scale of the breach is still unknown.

Colombian authorities are investigating possible theft of information from the Military Forces Command (FF.MM.). Macaw leaked emails last month containing classified information about Chile’s national security.

FF.MM. In a statement, Colombian authorities detailed that they were made aware of the “potential extraction of information” by the “self-proclaimed Guacamaya hacktivist group” through publications on their social network.

“As soon as the security event became known (once), the technical protocols for incident review and mitigation established for these cases were activated,” the information added.

For this reason, the military is conducting a detailed review of “analysis of the situation” and “information released to determine the circumstances of how, when and where these events might have occurred.”

“This situation will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities to take legal action and determine who is responsible,” the military explained.

Last month, an unprecedented volume of more than 400,000 emails, including those deemed “confidential,” came from the Chilean Defense Ministry’s advisory body, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCO). leaked to “Super secret” in hacking action carried out by the Guacamaya Group.

The cyberattack left EMCO chief General Guillermo Paiva out of his job and he had to resign after the news broke.

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