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Zelensky forbade Ukrainians to negotiate with Putin



The Russian upper house approved the annexation of four Ukrainian regions

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced a decree banning Ukrainians from negotiating with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that 200,000 people had been called up as part of the mobilization.

Before Zelensky’s announcement, the decree banning negotiations with Putin was approved by Ukraine’s Security and Defense Council, which consists of members of the government and heads of the armed forces and security services.

After the Russian invasion on February 24, there were many talks between representatives of both sides, but the Kremlin set strict conditions for all negotiations at the presidential level, which were unacceptable for Ukraine. With a successful counter-offensive, Kyiv has now virtually ruled out the possibility of talks until Russian forces withdraw from their territory.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council is a Russian annexation of four Ukrainian ones regions again characterized as a violation of international law.

Mobilized Russian soldiers arrived in the Donetsk Basin

In the meantime, the first mobilized Russian soldiers arrived in the Donetsk Basin. In busy Ukrainian the region According to the Russian authorities, the first mobilized Russian soldiers have arrived in Donetsk and Lugansk, who are supposed to guard the supply routes in the rear of the front after training. The Russian Ministry of Defense wrote on Telegram that the first mobilized soldiers are already being trained in the region Donetsk, and even before that, the command of the Russian army announced the arrival of reservists in Luhansk. According to the ministry, reservists will guard supply routes in the rear of the front after training.

Ukrainian army.  Photo: Reuters

The British Ministry of Defense published a report warning that Russia would not be able to provide sufficient equipment and the necessary military training for so many conscripts. As one of the indicators, they highlighted this year’s recruiting cycle, which is supposed to start a month later than usual. “The challenges associated with housing, training, equipping and deploying mobilized and conscripted personnel are enormous,” is written in the report, which, among other things, points to shortcomings in the Russian administrative and logistics systems.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is 21. in September issued an order for the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists, but many irregularities were soon discovered, as people who did not meet the conditions for this were also called up. Therefore, on Monday, Moscow suspended and transferred the officer v the region Khabarovsk Yuri Likeas several thousand people were mistakenly conscripted there to fight in Ukraine.

“Of the several thousand compatriots who received a summons and came to the conscription offices in the last ten days, about half of them were sent home because they did not meet the criteria for conscription,” said the governor regions Mihail Degtarjev. He emphasized that this will not affect the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to them by the Russian president.

Meanwhile, according to the Russian news agency Tass, the local authorities in the region Yakutia about 300 men were sent home because they were unjustly conscripted.

Training at 80 training grounds

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu meanwhile announced that more than 200,000 people have already been called up as part of the partial mobilization, and their training is taking place at 80 training grounds and in six centers for training. At the same time, he emphasized that many volunteers also signed up, and centers for mobilization, called on them not to be rejected if there are no serious reasons for this. He also reiterated that the competent agencies were instructed to equip the conscripts with the necessary equipment and train them.

The fear of partial mobilization prompted many Russians to retreat to most of the surrounding countries, such as the Baltic States, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. More than 200,000 Russian citizens have entered Kazakhstan alone since the mobilization was announced, and approximately 147,000 Russians are expected to leave the country, Kazakhstan’s interior minister said today Marat Akhmetyanov. At the same time, he emphasized that entry will not be restricted for Russian citizens, adding that 68 applications for obtaining Kazakh citizenship have been submitted so far.

Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region.  Photo: Reuters

Fierce fighting in the south and east

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is in the night video call said the army had succeeded “conquer some new places in several provinces”, but that fierce fighting is taking place in several areas. The losses of the Russian army were confirmed both in the Kremlin and by pro-Russian leaders in Ukraine regions. They also announced that the Russian army is defending itself with all its might, writes the BBC.

On Monday, the Ukrainian troops managed to win an important victory, as they conquered several villages along the Dnieper river in the south, among other things, they regained control of the place Solo Balka and Khreščenivka. With their rapid advance, they threaten the supply routes of the Russian army. About 25,000 Russian troops are said to be on the west bank of the Dnieper, and the Ukrainian army has badly damaged the bridge Antoninusthrough which the Russians supply their troops in the center of Kherson.

Representative of the Russian occupation forces in Kherson the region Cyril Stremusov confirmed that the Ukrainian forces were at the scene The people of Dud moved about 20 kilometers south. The Ukrainian army destroyed 31 tanks in this area.

Ukrainian forces are also achieving success in the east of the country, after taking full control of the city of Liman at the end of the week. the region Donetsk. It was Ukraine’s first military victory on territory seized by Russia.

Russian MPs approved the annexation of four Ukrainian regions to Russia without a vote against.  Photo: Reuters

The accession was also confirmed by the upper house of the Russian parliament

After being the president of Russia Vladimir Putin on Friday solemnly announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson, their annexation to Russia was unanimously approved on Monday by the lower house of the Russian parliament, the Duma.

Today, the upper house of the Russian parliament also decided on the annexation and unanimously accepted the annexation of all four Ukrainian ones regions Russia. The document will now be back in the hands of President Putin, who will sign it again. This will complete the formal process of annexation, and Russia will annex 18 percent of Ukraine’s territory. Her move is not recognized by the international community.

The Kremlin admitted on Monday that they are still assessing which parts of occupied Ukraine belong to the annexed territories.

The Acts of Annexation provide that there were four republics and regionswhich will retain their current names, officially established on the date of their accession, which means Friday, 30 in September. The boundaries of the new entities will be the same as the existing ones “existed on the day of their establishment and annexation to Russia”. Residents of newly established entities shall from the date they were regions annexed to Russia, are considered Russian citizens. Those who want to renounce their Russian citizenship have one month to apply for it.

The US promises Ukraine additional missile systems Himars

The US will send four more modern missile systems to Ukraine Himars, which play a key role in the fight against the Russian military, an unnamed US military official said in Washington on Monday. It will be part of a new $625 million aid package to be officially announced today.

Artillery missile systems of high mobility (Himars) enable the Ukrainians to shell Russian forces from afar, destroy bridges and other infrastructure, and hinder the supply of Russian troops at the front. The USA has already delivered 16 such systems to Ukraine.

The U.S. also provided assistance to Ukraine under a special program, the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, under which Kyiv can purchase 18 more systems Himars with long-term installments. The latest aid package also includes ammunition and other equipment for Ukrainian troops.

Zelensky and Musk at odds over plans to end the war
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday sharply criticized American billionaire Elon Musk, who published a poll on Twitter with his proposals for ending the war in Ukraine. These include, among other things, the holding of new referendums on the occupied Ukrainian territories and the transfer of Crimea to Russia. Elon Musk has asked his 107.7 million Twitter followers to vote on his proposals for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine. He proposed that Ukraine should become neutral, give up the Crimean peninsula, and hold new referendums in the four occupied Ukrainian regions under the supervision of the United Nations. He also emphasized that Ukraine’s victory is unlikely, as Russia has three times the population. Zelensky quickly intervened in the discussion about a peaceful solution to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, who in response published his poll, in which he asked his followers whether they liked the richest man in the world better when he supported Ukraine or Russia. More than 90 percent of voters voted for Musk, who supports Ukraine.

Source: Rtvslo

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