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Pharmacy workers warn of possible strike: people in Sarcobrand and Ahmadha voted in favor


The workers, who could go on strike next week if no deal is reached, confirmed the mobilization could cause “serious public health problems”.

The National Federation of Pharmacy Workers (Fenatrafar) has confirmed that: You can start a strike: Collaborators demand improved wages, transportation, and food bonuses. And the company solves “multi-functionality”.

he added that Both Salcobrand and Ahumada voted in favor of mobilization. with nearly 90% approval after collective bargaining failed to materialize.

Fenatrafer through him Facebook pagenoted that workers’ demands were considered as the main items to improve: “base pay, transportation, meals, readjustment of bonuses, and security.”

Furthermore, they requestTo resolve the “multifunctionality” of “abusive and dangerous work overload, a mistake in the sale of medicines can lead to tragedy”.

They say, for example, that assistants “can be responsible for 10 functions at the same time. They sell in person or online, restock products, install offers, provide financial products, attend rooms , clean, and even act as assistants, sometimes guards.”

Mauricio Acevedo, president of Fenatrafar, gives the example of Salcobrand: He offered them “84 pesos for transportation and 381 pesos for meals,” and said Ahumada’s offer was “very similar.”

If no agreement is reached within the next few days, strikes at the Ahmadha and Sarco brands could begin next week.

Finally, Fenatrafer said reaching this could create a “serious public health problem.”

“The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has a responsibility to get involved because Due to exclusive agreements for the marketing of some Isapres GES medicines, shortages could pose a public health problem. In addition, since these companies violate the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Encouraging sales in twisted ways with unattainable goals.” Maintain Acevedo.

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