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Despite animosity with president: Ex-judge Moro backs Bolsonaro in second round against Lula



Former Judge, Minister of Justice and Senator-Elect Sergio Moro has endorsed Jair Bolsonaro in the second round of the Brazilian presidential election.

Brazilian former judge, senator-elect Sergio Moro he denounced corruption and sent the former president to prison Luis Inacio Lula da Silva After that, he resigned as Minister of Justice. Jair Bolsonaro Accusing the president of interfering politically with police, he voiced his support for the far right on Tuesday.

“Lula is not an electoral option because of his government, which has been characterized by democratic corruption. Declare to oppose the PT (Workers Party) power project and support Bolsonaro in the second round ‘ said the former judge in a message posted on social networks.

The former president and progressive leader, who won the first round of the presidential election on Sunday with 48.4% of the vote, will face off against a far-right leader seeking re-election in the next poll on Oct. 30. Have to. Received 43.2% of votes.

Despite disagreements with two candidates, the former judge, who was elected to the southern state of Paraná state senator with 1.9 million votes on Sunday, chose to endorse the current president.

ruler in prison

Moro rose to prominence as a judge in the city of Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná, as the head of two corruption trials that kept Lula in prison for 580 days.

His decision barred the Labor leader from running for president in 2018.

But the sentence Moro imposed was canceled After judicial issues and the Supreme Court deemed the judge acted in part, Lula was able to run for election this year.

Moro was appointed Bolsonaro’s Minister of Justice in January 2019 and stepped down in 2020 after several disagreements with far-right leaders. Moro is trying to interfere with federal police, which he accuses him of condoning corruption.

During his election campaign, and in the midst of the most polarizing presidential debate in Brazil’s history, Moro has cited various corruption scandals, both progressive and far-right.

The senator, elected by the right-wing Union Brazil party, said his intentions to run for president this year were frustrated and that he left Bolsonaro’s government because he did not receive support from the government to fight corruption. rice field.

Shortly after Moro released his message, the president hinted in a statement to journalists that he had overcome differences with the former minister in a phone conversation.

“It was a very friendly conversation. Deviations from the past will be forgotten. Sergio Moro has made important contributions in the fight against corruption and will give important support as a senator. All done.” said Bolsonaro.

Source: Biobiochile

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