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Kansas prime minister and Chilean death: ‘Hope these facts come to light soon’



The government mourned the death of Chilean Pablo Guzman, 25, in Kansas City, USA, on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejora mourned the death of Chilean citizen Pablo Guzman Palma aged 25, died last Saturday in Kansas City, USA, along with his Argentinian partner, Camila Berensen.

They both studied at the Stowers Medical Institute.

Recall, according to local media, their bodies were found by firefighters after they put out a fire in a residential building.

Along these lines, their deaths have been attributed to the actions of a third party with as yet undisclosed causes and are being investigated as homicides.

“We regret the death of a Chilean citizen in Kansas City. said Minister Urehora.

In response, he said, “The Chilean Consulate General in Chicago is available to local authorities to provide necessary assistance regarding the incident and is seeking more information from the Missouri State Police about what happened.” There are,’ he added.

“We send hugs of solidarity to all of her friends and of course her family. I hope that the facts will be revealed as soon as possible. ” closed the prime minister.

Pablo Guzmán’s teacher: ‘He was a bright and wonderful person’

in the post of twitterPablo’s teacher mentioned this unfortunate fact.

“Pablo Guzmán, a young Chilean scientist, was assassinated this weekend. He was doing his PhD at Science Stowers in Kansas. It was an honor to have you as a student. He was bright and wonderful. What a tragedy,” he tweeted.

To which Pablo responded, “It would have been a bright future. The world needs more scientists like him. It is a great loss. My condolences to his family.”

“He was murdered along with Argentinian pre-doctoral scientist Camila Berensen. Both Pablo and Camila were Latino. ‘ said.

The teacher eventually asked her to share her tweet so she could conduct more research to identify him or the killer and help the family get him to Chile. .

Source: Biobiochile

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