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Guacamaya Leak: Mexican Army Surveillance of Mon Raferte and Feminist Groups



Mon Laferte appears in one of the millions of documents leaked from Mexico’s Cedena (National Defense Agency), along with at least 15 feminist groups that have participated in protests against sexist violence.

For five years, from 2017 to 2022, the Mexican Army monitored feminist organizations protesting sexist violence in the country.There was even a Chilean singer in the information sheet Mon Raferte.

as details Universal, it turns out that the interpreter is participating in the “International Conference of Women in Struggle”. The meeting was attended by figures such as María de Jesús “Marichuy” Patricio Martínez, who was the spokeswoman for the Indigenous Governing Council and aspired to be an independent candidate for president. Participated in 2018.

A Cedena (Department of Defense) report marked “confidential” highlighted the participation of several feminist groups, Chilean singers are highlighted with yellow circles, “Accompanied by BAZ”. In other words, unidentified companions.

In total, 15 feminist groups would have been identified as part of the intelligence collection leaked along with millions of documents by the Guacamayan hacktivist group, which carried out similar operations in Colombia and Chile.

Groups monitored include Histeras, 8M Coordinator, IPN’s Feminist Economy Collective, Queer Resistance, Las Brujas del Mar, Cueva de Brujas, and others.

The documents include details on the health of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, proof of the army’s authority within the government, the secretary of defense (Cedena), the dispute between Luis Crescencio Sandoval and the navy (Semar), Jose Rafael Ojeda.

So far, multiple news outlets have released information gleaned from the leaked documents, but experts say that, given the volume, full information will emerge in the coming weeks or months. claim.

Source: Biobiochile

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