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Dollar price opens near $940 and resumes gains on global bullishness



The exchange rate is now over $940. This put that opening in stark contrast to his two-day total retracement at the beginning of the week of $36.75.

Dollar price opened at Wednesday’s value this week $938 around 8am, trade later nearby $940 Start your day positively.

Around 9am this morning, the US dollar reached $944, It’s just under 10 pesos behind Tuesday’s open.

according to bloomberg, Chilean dollar price rises to $7.00 $939.50 immediately after the start of currency manipulation. The opening contrasts with the complete recession of $36.75 First two days of the week.

Regarding this he mentioned ruby angel, A senior Libertex analyst commented on recession and inflation scenarios that will affect the dollar’s price.

“The dollar is trading at 940 and the day is off to an upside. from the central bank They comment that a recession is already underway. again, Inflation will be around 13%.” Said.

the above, “This is above the 12.1% forecast issued by the same company just a month ago.”

This “adds the call for dollar prices close to $850 after the intervention, as the cumulative level is 14.1%.”

Meanwhile, at the international level, the dollar has awakened stronger waiting for word from OPEC Oppose daily production cuts.

This is “the same strength that has pushed copper down, reaching 2020 levels, as it fell 0.87% on concerns that rate hikes would affect metals consumption in the previous quarter. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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