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FNE Approves Merger of VTR and Claro in Series of Measures



Detailed terms left by the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office require VTR and Claro to return 10MHz of spectrum to the state in the medium macro band (3.5 MHz band) and another 10MHz in the low medium macro band (AWS band). spectrum had to be returned to the country.

National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (FNE) approved this Wednesday Merger of Claro and VTR, But I asked the operator to run a series of measures Concentrate operation.

As detailed, the agency has ruled out the existence of unilateral risk of price increases or quality deterioration of fixed services.

this includes all Internet, pay TV, telephone, In addition to mobile services such as Phone, SMS, MMS messaging.

For fixed internet services, FNE concluded that the joint venture would be: “Disciplined” Because of competitive pressure.

he mentioned what is exercised Movistar Chile and Entel, or newcomers, like the world, as indicated by financial journal.

Moreover, all of them Unlike VTR and Claro, They have a technical advantage by having a fiber optic network in addition to related expansion plans.

FNE also pay tv market, In addition, if it turns out that there are other affiliated companies that exert competitive pressure on the new company.

VTR and Claro pre-merger initiatives

The FNE shall, if mitigation measures are not implemented: The operation creates risks suitable to reduce competition for wireless services.

The above were considered essential inputs to the provision of mobile services due to the potential hoarding of radio spectrum.

To reduce risk, VTR and Claro made various proposals for mitigation.

After the fifth presentation, FNE decided the proposal was effective. This was because it consisted of a viable sale package for the future Undersecretary of Telecommunications.

It’s about 10MHz of spectrum returning to the states in the mid-macro band (3.5MHz band) Another 10MHz spectrum in the low-mid macro band (AWS band).

In addition to this Updated plans for effective and efficient use of frequencies Currently owned by Claro.

Source: Biobiochile

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