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After visiting La Moneda, US Secretary of State puts faith in ‘increased investment with Chile’



US foreign policy leader Antony Blinken met with President Gabriel Boric and Foreign Minister Antonia Urreyola this Wednesday to discuss the immigration crisis, human rights, the climate crisis and the search for investment.

U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Brinken he said this wednesday “Sure” In parallel with the results of the composition process, you can increase your investment in Chile.

“The relationship is already strong in terms of trade and investment. But we are confident that we can increase and strengthen it further. ” Blinken said.

At the joint press conference held in Santiago de Chile with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Antonia Urehora

When asked about how Chile is going through the constitutional process, the US diplomatic leader responded: It may affect domestic investment.

Blinken avoided commenting on the political situation. “It’s up to the Chilean people, not the US.”

But the Secretary of State said in Chile “There are great opportunities for business and investment.” thanks to you “Leadership Against the Climate Crisis”.

“We are looking at ways to increase investment from the United States.” guaranteed the formula of White House.

he described the country of the Andes “Very well located” create green economy jobs It is related to renewable energy and technology for sustainable development.

It also pledged to invest through regional development banks.

US will increase investment in Chile, says Blinken

In this regard, the Chilean minister said that her government “Working hard” To get investment all over the world.After this he gave as an example Gabriel Borich’s Journey to Canada and America.

he assured that several countries were showing interest “Invest in renewable energy” Improve the production chain in Chile. He also said he wants to conclude a trade deal with the European Union.

“We have a very open investment plan and we are on track,” said Urrejola.

the press conference was held after the conference they held President Brinken and President Gabriel Boric at La Moneda As part of the US Secretary of State’s visit to Latin America.

Borik described the meeting on social networks as “Very Good Conversation”.

Source: Biobiochile

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