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Dollar settles at $940 amid uncertainty after OPEC+ output cuts



After falling sharply overnight, the Dollar Index turned positive, gaining 0.17% to 111.39 points. Moreover, experts say OPEC’s announcement to cut production to levels not seen since 2020 is fueling concerns that inflation will last longer than expected.

The value of the dollar opened at an estimated $940 around 8am this Thursday. It arrives in minutes and has a maximum price of $946.

past nine o’clock this morning, The US dollar fluctuates between $939 and $943, Similar value to the price posted on Wednesday.

according to bloomberg, The dollar price increases by $5.04. $946.07 Shortly after the start of foreign exchange operations in Chile.

For now, forecasts for the coming months are still questionable, and some experts believe investment incentives may be greater. Meanwhile, the 2024 GDP forecast could rebound to a level of 3.4%.

Factors Affecting Dollar Price

Experts have spoken about this ruby angel, Analysts at Libertex have blamed some of the central banks, organizations that have commented that we are already in recession.

“Progress in tax reform will be key next year as the central bank has indicated that the fourth quarter of this year will not be significantly different from expectations,” he said.

“We’re seeing a rebound in copper today. London Metal Exchange, After sanctions announced against Russia and its trade in metals, it is listed $3.53 USD with 0.76% prepayment”, he added.

After this, detailing what we see at the international level, all markets are: Release of the European Central Bank and its Minutes.

“Advertisement of OPEC+, cut production to levels not seen since 2020, It fuels fears that inflation will last longer than expected.” Analyst is finished.

Source: Biobiochile

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