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Domestic malls adhere to 25 commitments by 2030, with a focus on the environment and the local economy.



280 malls from Arica to Punta Arenas will engage in a series of initiatives resulting from an unprecedented process of public engagement conducted across the country that defined action on five pillars: environment, community, local economy and labor . and security. More than 2,800 people shared their ideas and visions during this process.

sum of 25 commitments envision the country’s major shopping centers By 2030, Over 280 venues representing the Chamber of Commerce in shopping centers from Arica to Punta Arena will be a more innovative, sustainable and inclusive space.

Active Community, Commitment Shopping Center is the name of this initiative that was launched at an event attended by shopping centers and community representatives.

“Shopping malls are places where communities come to life. We work and interact every day, and for such a diverse and large sector yet so close to the people, this unprecedented initiative shows that we are listening to our communities. Make a country, ”explained Katia Tolsic, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Shopping Centers.

The sectoral commitments emerged from a public engagement process that took place in June and July of this year. The process consists of face-to-face surveys conducted at various shopping centers around the country, extensive online public consultations, and his three parts in a series. Citizen dialogue in five regions (Antofagasta, Viña del Mar, Metropolitan, Bio Bio and Los Lagos).

More than 2,800 people shared their ideas and visions for shopping centers, which defined actions around five pillars: environment, community, local economy, labor and safety.

These efforts provide a roadmap that will establish priority action areas for shopping centers in the coming years.

Five pillars of commitment

During the launch, the local economy was emphasized and the department’s commitment to developing trade fairs and different marketing cases for entrepreneurs from different locations with commercial facilities was explained.

Similarly, a job bank will be created for working in shopping centers, alliances will be managed, and local SMEs and suppliers will be strengthened.

Meanwhile, key initiatives in the face of climate change include information campaigns to promote environmentally sound practices, implementation of recycling points open to communities, action to reduce water consumption, progressive It has clean energy and energy efficiency built-in. mechanism.

Meanwhile, in the community area, shopping centers promise to reserve more space for the development of cultural activities such as theatre, cinema and dance. Conduct public health campaigns (vaccination, PCR, blood donation). Promote activities designed specifically for older adults. More coworking spaces for people working remotely.

Enhance security while deepening public-private partnerships with law enforcement and authorities to improve customer and worker safety. A plan will be designed to train the guards. It will also gradually incorporate more technology, such as facial recognition systems, to enhance the security of its users and collaborators and to support the work of law enforcement and legal process.

Finally, the labor sector will activate training for shopping center workers in various fields of activity. Progress is being made in the certification of basic skills in the sector. Initiatives will also be implemented to promote employee diversity and inclusion.

A shopping center that complies with the initiative

Companies that adhere to these commitments are MallPlaza, Cencosud, Parque Arauco, Espacio Urbano, Pasmar, Open Plaza, Grupo Patio, VivoCorp, Grupo Marina, Neorentas, Apumanque, Casa Costanera, Movicenter, Plaza Maule, MallSport, Paseo San Bernardo, Midmall, Zoffri, Easton Outlet Mall, Karabai.

“As a member of Cencosud Shopping and Chamber of Shopping Centers, we are very proud to be part of Comunidad Activa. We have been taking voluntary actions for quite some time, so we are proud to be an important part of this initiative that allows us to strengthen our commitment to society,” said Cencosud Shopping. Center CEO Rodrigo Larraín said.

Similarly, Mall Plaza Corporate Affairs Manager Maria Irene Soto said: A place where people meet, have fun, socialize and solve multiple needs. This social role also greatly increases its importance and influence when it comes to employment, opportunity creation and social capital building. Today, we welcome Comunidad Activa and feel committed to continuing to move forward on this line, incorporating the motivations that the citizens themselves have revealed to us. “

Details of all commitments and their implementation deadlines can be found at: active community or like your social network twitter, Instagram world Facebook.

Source: Biobiochile

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