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They found the mobile phone of the former Vice President of Paraguay, who had been kidnapped by EPP guerrillas two years earlier.


The family of former Paraguayan Vice President Oscar Dennis, who was kidnapped by EPP guerrillas two years ago, has reportedly found a politician’s mobile phone. “This is the mobile phone I gave my dad for Father’s Day,” said my daughter.

Mobile phone presumed to belong to the former vice president Paraguay Oscar Dennis Found at a farm kidnapped in September 2020. Guerrillas of the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP), Relatives and authorities reported this Thursday.

The device was discovered Wednesday by ranch staff, including Adelio Mendoza, an employee who was detained with the former vice president and released days later, said Beatriz Dennis, the political leader’s daughter. told the radio. cardinal abc.

He explained that they had received a photo of the phone, which he asserted was “in a deplorable state.”

“This is the mobile phone we gave him for Father’s Day and it has just been found,” said the daughter of a former government official who went to a farm in the department of Concepción that day. Northeast), of which Dennis was governor.

The daughter said the phone was found where her father was “snatched”.

Nimio Cardoso, head of the anti-kidnapping department of the Paraguayan National Police, declared on the same station that it was “apparently” Denise’s mobile phone, but refused to confirm the information “100%.”

“It’s a piece of equipment that is already very degraded. Obviously it has taken a few blows to make it obsolete and apart from that nature has worked that way too,” the police chief added. rice field. The SIM card is “unrecognized”.

In that sense, he indicated that he would be working with the forensic extraction team to confirm or rule out whether it was the former Vice President’s phone call.

In addition to Dennis, who was vice-president under Federico Franco (2012-2013), the EPP has in power Edelio Morinigo, a police officer who was kidnapped in 2014.

Rancher Felix Urbieta was detained by members of the Mariscal Lopez Forces (EML), which broke away from the EPP in 2016.

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