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A company that manufactured paints exclusively for Sodimac blamed its only business partner and demanded an organizational restructuring.



The 10-year relationship, with annual sales of up to $15 billion, ended in September. Microblend Chile accuses Sodimac of being indifferent, refusing to raise prices and having to assume 100% cost increases, while the Falabella brand is guilty of the crisis facing its former suppliers. Claims to feel no emotion. The request for restructuring entered the 28th Civil Court.

company for 10 years micro-blend chili exclusively manufactured the base for Kölor paints sold by Sodimac .

However, that relationship ended in July 2022 after several encounters with Falabella-related chains.

now a subsidiary American Microblend Company appeared in court Justly criticize Sodimac and demand its restructuring .

according to SecondMicroblend Chile has formally filed a petition in the 28th Civil Court, claiming it has $6.8 million in cash but $17.313 billion in debt.

Microblend Chile has confirmed that as of July 2021 the situation has worsened.

They showed that because Sodimac had to face a devaluation of the Chilean peso, 100% assuming higher prices for raw materials and inputs without bowing to rising paint prices.

actual, The subsidiary even indicated that Sodimac had stopped purchasing products from the company in July 2022. when he was notified of the price increase.

All in all, Sodimac terminates contract on September 30 .

While Microblend speaks of “indifference and rejection” on the giant’s part, Sodimac told the aforementioned outlet that he regrets what happened to his previous supplier.

As such, the company claimed it stopped relying on the United States in November 2021 when Microblend tried to “impose conditions that would make it infeasible to do business.”

The 10-year contract that united the two companies linked the Chilean and Colombian markets, with annual sales totaling $15 billion at the time.

Source: Biobiochile

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