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Government confirms inflation will begin to pick up later this year


It should be noted that the National Statistical Institute (INE) reported on Friday that the September Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 0.9% in September. February 2021.

Household purchasing power fell for the 11th straight month after falling 2.6% in August. due to inflation It – according to the government – That should start easing later this year.

On paper, wages rose 11.1% in August, according to data from the National Institute for Statistics. Wage fluctuations have been slower than inflation progresses.

After deducting the increase in prices, the purchasing power of wages actually declined, 2.6%, it has already been completed Down for 11 consecutive months.

Dollar and fuel continue to put pressure on indicators, but Finance Minister Mario Marcel I hope you start surrendering.

Marcel ensures inflation stops

“Given the work done from central banks in favor of fiscal policy, Chile did what it had to do in a timely manner. This is at least as far as its internal sources are concerned inflationary pressure Marcel pointed out.

“This will help us see a drop in inflation in the coming months.” Permissions added.

The latest survey of central bank financial operators shows that CPI movements delivered this morning It should have been 0.9%.

INE in September 2022 consumer price index (IPC) registered a 0.9% monthly increase.

This brings the 10.8% cumulative gain so far this year to a 13.7% 12-month move.

Source: Biobiochile



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