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A 0.9% rise in the IPC in September gave the dollar a significant boost above $950.



Experts say looking for an inflation cap looks like a good leg, but with year-end projections still high and above initial projections, tax reform and the 2023 budget plan are likely Local economic progress.

Rise marks the value of the dollar during the day this Friday, $950 After the September CPI was released, it reported a 0.9% increase each month, accumulating a 10.8% increase so far this year.

Around 8:00 a.m. this Friday, Green tickets hit a record price of nearly $942. Values ​​similar to those reported last Thursday.

Then around 9:30 am. Dollar hits all-time high of $958 It then drops to $951 around 10am.

From the National Institute of Statistics (rice) to report variations of 13.7% in 12 months.

A Libertex analyst spoke about this. ruby angel, who linked this rise to the results of the IPC in September.

“The dollar is trading at 943 after learning that the September CPI rose 0.9%, which is a bullish view,” he said.

“This leaves the cumulative inflation rate over the past 12 months at just 13.7%, the first decline since February 2021,” he added.

Consumer Price Index and Stronger Dollar

Highlighting the aforementioned “increase in meat and dairy, and an increase in low-transport (given by the international moment oil is experiencing) INE reported.

“Internationally, today will reveal data on non-farm payrolls, which is an important piece of data for the forex market,” analysts say.

This is because it shows employment potential in the US, which could leave us with a more or less favorable scenario for the Fed to continue raising rates.

in the meantime, 250,000 new jobs are expected to be created and the unemployment rate is expected to remain at 3.7%. Markets have reacted cautiously, falling slightly across most international stock markets.

Source: Biobiochile

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