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U.S. Department of Justice assesses possible tax crime prosecution against Joe Biden’s son



Federal investigators investigating Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, say they have enough evidence to charge him with tax crimes, not just false statements related to weapons purchases. say.

U.S. Department of Justice thinks there are good reasons to press charges against president’s son Joe Bidenhunter Several U.S. media outlets cited sources close to the incident about various tax crimes and false allegations.

This dates back to earlier this year and was part of investigations by both the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), as well as investigations by the Delaware Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice. Possible charges before deciding to prosecute.

If a decision is taken, it is not expected to be done until after the interim parliamentary elections scheduled for the first week of November. In recent weeks, Hunter Biden’s legal team has met with the Justice Department to oppose a possible lawsuit, according to media outlets such as: wall street journal.

Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, said, “As appropriate and legally required, prosecutors in this case will not only include evidence provided by officers, but also witnesses for the defense. We believe we are also diligently and thoroughly examining all other witness evidence,” the outlet told the outlet.

For that part washington post .

Although the investigation primarily focused on Hunter’s business activities, particularly his dealings with China, A 2018 incident in which his firearm was dumped in the trash is also the focus of prosecutorial investigations. because it was done with her at a time when he confessed to drug addiction, which would have broken federal law.

President Biden has said on several occasions that he will not interfere with the Justice Department’s investigation, maintaining a Delaware investigator appointed by former President Donald Trump, federal prosecutor David Weiss.

Source: Biobiochile

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