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Lula insists she’s against abortion, but ‘it’s up to women to decide’



Brazilian candidate and former president Lula da Silva reiterated his position, but was questioned by his opponent, current president Jair Bolsonaro. It occurs in the context of a struggle to secure votes.

Labor Party (PT) candidate in this election Brazil, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, He stressed this Friday that we need to “understand that women are in control of our bodies,” but that any legislative debate on the issue also addresses Congress.

During the act of supporting his candidacy in São Paulo, Lula again answered those who questioned him about his position on this issue, which he opposed, but said, “The law exists, the law is abortion.” It tells you what happens in the

“Not only am I against abortion, but every woman I’ve married is against abortion,” he quoted. big city In a video released as part of his campaign.

He added: Not only because we are advocates for life, but because for someone an abortion must be very uncomfortable and very painful. More power to decide if he wants to.

“The law exists. People must understand that it is not the role of the president of the republic, but that of the legislature and, above all, that of the woman in control of the body,” he argued.

Controversy Over Christian Voting

This is not the first time Lula da Silva has expressed herself in these terms during her campaign. Legal abortion is allowed only if there is a risk of pregnancy.

These statements also come as the PT campaigns to win votes among influential Christian voters, especially evangelicals with a strong affinity for rival Jair Bolsonaro. increase. Catholic.

In response, Bolsonaro questioned the veracity of these words, accusing Lula of “hating the church” and relying on those who advocate abortion. There is nothing more shameful than defending an idea that runs counter to everything that exists,” he criticized a candidate for re-election.

Despite the fact that abortion has been legal in these cases since 1940 in Brazil, anti-abortion groups, with broad support from judges, doctors and conservative politicians, believe that many women have this right. It is common to try to prevent access to the .

In mid-2020, a 10-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle was denied treatment at a hospital in Espirito Santo and had to travel to Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, for treatment.

Source: Biobiochile

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