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‘Driver was speeding’: Chilean involved in fatal crash in Punta Cana


Carol Vázquez, one of the Chileans affected by the bus accident in Punta Cana, commented on details of the episode, saying he suffered only minor injuries, as did a friend who accompanied her. And remember that many people were injured.

caused a stir Overturned bus in Punta Cana In the Dominican Republic, two women, an Argentinean and a Peruvian, were killed and nearly 50 were injured.

It is worth mentioning that at least 15 Chilean men and women were involved in this serious accident.

Karol Vazquez, one of the affected compatriots, told relevant media CNN Chile and said “The driver was speeding.”

A Chilean tourist commented, “Miraculously, my injuries were minor, with bruises and scratches, but not as much as the people behind the driver.”

Karol described how the incident happened, saying, “The driver was speeding. could have been avoided had they proceeded at a cautious pace.

“We fell on those most affected”

Vazquez explained that the bus was “large, with about 50 passengers on board, which was quite a lot.” This happened while we were about to board the catamaran. “

The Chilean tourist also indicated that he was traveling with a friend on this bus, but said, “Both are fine. We were lucky because we were on the right side opposite the driver. Bus rolls over, We fell on those most affected. ”

When asked about his return to Chile and his next steps, Karol said: I believe she is accompanying a sick Chilean and her family, but she wouldn’t tell me anything else. Since she is due to return on Sunday, she thinks she will wait until her itinerary is completed so she can return. “

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