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Urrejola at OAS recognizes the government’s interest in reducing democracy in the region



Speaking at the OAS, Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejora acknowledged that Chile was “concerned about the shrinking democratic space in the region and the world” and declared its willingness to “build bridges”. A meeting between hemisphere countries led by the Minister was to address Nicaragua’s political and human rights crisis and seek a peaceful resolution of the situation through dialogue.

Minister of external relationsAntonia Urrejora asked at the Organization of American States this Friday (OAS) “More democracy” and “respect for people with different ideas” to solve local problems.

The Prime Minister this morning led a meeting between the nations of the hemisphere to address Nicaragua’s political and human rights crisis and seek a peaceful resolution to the situation through dialogue.

The conversation took place within the framework of the OAS General Assembly in Lima, organized by the Inter-American Dialogue and convened by the OAS Missions of Canada and Chile.

Attended by foreign ministers, ambassadors and heads of delegation from various countries, the meeting was also chaired by US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken. Canada’s Undersecretary for the Americas, Michael Grant, and Manuel Orozco, Director of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Immigration, Remittances and Development Program.

“We have millions of people crying out for their rights and security in our hemisphere and in the world after generations have suffered the consequences of a society built out of segregation and abuse. We have a duty to heed the call of the people.”

“It is urgent to protect democracy.”

The way to confront these problems is to create “more democracy by encouraging participation, not restricting it, promoting dialogue, not censoring it, and above all, respecting those who think differently.” It’s paved with principles.”

Urrejola, as we remember him, was chairman of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CID). Recognizing that Chile is “concerned about the shrinking democratic space in the region and the world”, it expressed its willingness to “build bridges”.

“There is an urgent need to protect democracy,” the prime minister said, later naming some of the most human rights crises in the region, including Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti.

“We cannot allow abuse of power to become pervasive,” Urrejora added.

Meanwhile, the minister praised the “new phase” beginning in Colombia with the rise to power of left-wing Gustavo Petro, who is very close to his Chilean counterpart Gabriel Boric.

Source: Biobiochile

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