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Mahsa Amini: Protests in Iran enter fourth week with new day of mobilization



A 22-year-old girl died on September 16. After being arrested by Tehran’s so-called moral police three days ago, they thought she was wearing an Islamic veil incorrectly. said he died of a previous illness.This Saturday was a day of arrests, clashes and roadblocks, as seen in a video released by an Iranian NGO.

This Saturday, Iran marks a new day of protest within the framework of social unrest over the death of a young woman. Masa Amini lost his life at the hands of authorities for misusing the veil.

so today Mobilization in Islamic State enters fourth week 3 days after no demo.

Wednesday is a holiday and Thursday and Friday are weekends in the Persian country.

Iran week started Call for demonstrations by university centers and activists .

Around Tehran’s famous Sharif University, small groups of unveiled young men and women gathered in every corner and threw slogans.

“Support us, support us police!” an unveiled woman yelled at riot police who were present to join protesters outside the university centre.

Tense atmosphere in Tehran

In a tense atmosphere, some people quarreled with police as the first tear gas began to darken the streets.

“Death to the Islamic Republic,” shouted a group of young people in a side street at a university, adding, “The Islamic Republic doesn’t want us, we don’t want you guys.”

A man yelled at police, “You have no honor,” and several shops in the area had half-closed shutters.

I also heard shots, but in the case of EFE I could not distinguish which type.

In addition, many drivers blew electric horns in the area to show their support for the protests.

Sharif University of Technology was the scene of a violent clash with security forces on Sunday, prompting authorities to suspend in-person classes, but students announced their protest today.

Protests against Mahsa Amini have also occurred in other parts of the country.

Protests were also experienced in other parts of the country, notably Shiraz, Isfahan, Gohardasht and Kerman, according to unverified videos shared on social networks by activists and journalists. .

The clashes were particularly fierce in Amini’s native Kurdistan, Iran.

Thus, the Oslo-based Kurdish NGO Hengaw reported violent clashes in the cities of Sanandaj and Saqez, with security forces firing at protesters.

Amini, 22, died on September 16 after being arrested by so-called moral police three days earlier. She was arrested in Tehran for wearing the Islamic veil incorrectly.

The state-run Iranian forensic agency said Amini died from a previous illness, not from a police beating.

A national agency forensic report determined that the young woman’s death was due to multiple organ failure after hypoxia. (reduced oxygen) affected the brain and was not “caused by a blow to the head, vital organs or extremities of the body.”

Amini’s death sparked protests that have continued since, changing from mass mobilizations in which women burned their veils and even colleges and schools where girls took off their veils, which were strongly repressed by security forces.

State television tallied last week that 41 people were killed in the clashes, but the Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights Group put the figure at 92.

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