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CyberMonday Closes Lower Than Expected: Raises $400 Million



The new edition of CyberMonday, held Oct. 3-5, raised nearly $400 million, which is below estimates. The National Consumer Service reported receiving over 500 complaints alluding to purchases at the event.

those three days, cyber monday According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, they raised $399 million and offered about 800 stores to buyers.

However, sales turned out to be lower than those recorded in 2021. In 2021, nearly US$450 million was raised in many activities per day. Counting just his first three days of that time, the current version showed him a 7% increase in sales.

Despite the above, Jerka Yukin, secretary general of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, praised the figure, assuring it directly benefits the trade and its buyers.

“For trade, cyber events are very important, because when you add the first semester and the second cyber, it represents one month of sales,” he stressed.

In the opinion of economist and academic Emiliano Fuchs of the University of Santiago, these types of instances allow the economy to reinvigorate in the midst of a slowdown.

“It will reduce inflationary expression and stimulate economic activity,” he stressed.

The National Consumer Service said it had received 545 complaints of potential violations related to the event.

Sernac reported that the majority of consumer complaints were due to canceled orders, insufficient inventory and misleading offers. The companies that concentrated the majority of complaints were Mundo Transfer at 22%, Falella and Linio at 18%, and Leader at 12%. of claims.

Source: Biobiochile

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