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Tragedy in Punta Cana: Third tourist killed in bus crash in Dominican Republic



An Argentinian citizen, 33, and another Peruvian, 41, have been confirmed dead after their tour bus overturned in the Dominican Republic, adding another victim to the deadly accident in Punta Cana today. I got

a An Argentinian tourist died this Friday reduce the number of deaths from Bus overturned on Thursday with dozens of travelers Punta Cana, dominican republic.

Valeria Paola Medina The 44-year-old died when admitted to a health center in the Bavaro area, she said. EFE sources from relief agencies, who asked to secure his identity.

A woman was traveling with her husband. who escaped danger, According to information.

Also Argentinian Valeria Victoria Brovelli and peruvian Carla Rodriguez Dionisio they died.

This was on a local Thursday morning, shortly after my vehicle rolled over while turning a curve on the Coral Highway. According to traffic authorities.

accident too More than 40 people were injured, Some of them are still in critical condition in community health centers.

Prosecutor of Veron, Dennis Guerrero Authorities reportedly arrested the driver of the vehicle.In the previous one, tourists from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Colombia.

According to preliminary information, the bus was in transit. 50 tourists who went to the city of roman, move from there to there Saona Island.

Source: Biobiochile

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