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European Parliament declares Russia a promoter of terrorism



The resolution focuses on condemning over 40,000 recorded war crimes committed by Russian forces, particularly the killing of Ukrainian civilians in places such as Irpin, Bucha and Izium.

of european parliament declared on wednesday Russia As a state facilitator of terrorism, considering “deliberate attacks and atrocities against the Ukrainian people.”

He also called on the European Union for a new legal framework to classify these countries and limit the Community bloc’s relationship with them.

The European Parliament lamented that “the destruction of civilian infrastructure and other grave violations of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law constitute acts of terrorism and war crimes against the people of Ukraine”.

The European Parliament has issued a resolution again condemning these attacks “perpetrated by Russia in pursuit of subversive political objectives in Ukraine and other countries”.

The legal framework proposed by parliament would allow the European Union to designate states as promoters of terrorism, and states that use terrorist means. Unions with those states.

It passed with 494 votes in favor, 58 against and 44 abstentions. No legal value, but a symbolic fee A resolution of the European Parliament, with majority support, urging the European Union and its member states to “commence the complete international isolation of the Russian Federation.”

To do this, they act “regarding Russia’s accession to international bodies and bodies such as the United Nations Security Council,” avoid taking official action on its territory, and curtail diplomatic relations with Russia. continue to do so, and ask them to limit contact.

They also called for a ban on “Russian scientific and cultural centers and Russian diaspora organizations and associations operating under the auspices and guidance of Russian diplomatic missions and promoting Russian state propaganda around the world.” is suggesting.

At a media meeting, Lithuanian Andrius Kubilius, one of the MEPs responsible for the report, said the document’s purpose was to start saying “without fear of what we see”. I emphasized that there is He said the statement would pose an obstacle to negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow, saying that “there will be nothing to negotiate before Russia withdraws its troops.”

The only thing currently negotiable is the payment of war reparations from Russia to Ukraine, he said.

In parallel, MEPs should include the Wagner Group and other armed groups, militias or Russian-funded subsidiary bodies in the European list of individuals, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts. I think.

The European Parliament added that the EU should “expeditiously complete its work on the ninth sanctions” against Russia against the new restrictions.

Source: Biobiochile

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