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Images of ordinary citizens at World Cup spark outrage against coronavirus measures on Chinese networks



China maintains a strict policy called “no new coronavirus”, but expects that rule to be relaxed in the coming weeks.

Images of crowd without masks qatar soccer world cup It has angered Chinese people on social media, and the Chinese have been subject to strict measures by China’s policies. “Zero Covid” Other parts of Beijing are living with the virus.

A Guangdong resident said on the Weibo social network, “Some people directly attend the World Cup match without a mask, while others are locked in their homes for a month, two months in the same place, unable to set foot outside. There are also people.” The Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

“Who took my life? I won’t say it,” he added, amid complaints about the Chinese regime’s policies to limit the spread of covid-19 cases.

China, where covid-19 was detected at the end of 2019, continues to try to contain the spread of the coronavirus by locking down entire cities and neighborhoods and forcing testing of millions of people. major economy.

Still, the number of daily infections on Wednesday reached 29,157, close to the national record set in April, although lower than other countries.

More than a quarter of China’s population was put under some form of lockdown on Tuesday, according to Nomura Research Institute analysts, which contrasts with World Cup spectators.

Another Weibo user from Shaanxi said, “The World Cup allows most Chinese to see the realities abroad and worry about their own economy and their own youth.

An open letter posted on the WeChat messaging app Tuesday asking whether China was “on the same planet” with Qatar was censored and removed from the platform.

The World Cup matches are being broadcast in China through the state-owned network CCTV. CCTV is the same thing bombarding the Chinese with negative information about the chaos and high numbers of deaths caused by covid in the US.

Source: Biobiochile

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