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Mario Marcel buries thoughts of sixth retirement: ‘They are no help’



Marcel said of a possible sixth withdrawal, “It means using the workers’ own savings to provide short-term liquidity. It’s a macro that not only doesn’t support individuals, but affects the entire population.” We know there will be an economic impact,” he said.

During a press conference during the day this Wednesday, the Finance Minister said: Mario Marcel flatly rejected the idea of ​​a new bill that would allow Sixth withdrawal from the pension fund.

Marcel referred to the project and indicated that given the circumstances, the current constitution does not yet allow this discussion.

“There is a report, but it is not just a report, it is a report from the House Secretary which clearly shows that this treatment does not correspond as established in the Constitution,” he said.

From the above, “The law stipulates that the same project cannot be carried out until one year has passed since the previous project was rejected.”

Recall that the so-called 5th Retreat project was defeated in a popular vote in the House of Representatives in April of this year.

“I understand what was raised was to distinguish between discussion and voting. I will,” he added.

‘It can’t be helped’, Marcel announces withdrawal for the sixth time

After this, national authorities continued to criticize the pressure exerted to carry out the initiative.

“In that connection, the chairman of the committee will be threatened to not do so, owning to put on the table issues that are not currently being addressed,” the minister said.

“Of course there are many regulatory issues in Congress that we don’t have a say in,” he said.

“But if the law stipulates that the same rejected bill cannot be processed until a year later, it is clear that we will have to wait until that time has passed,” he said.

“Well, as for the final help it might mean, I think we’ve already made it clear in our discussion so far that withdrawing won’t help. ” Mario Marcel completed.

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