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93-octane gasoline suffers ‘considerable decline’: learn about new readjustment to fuel



This week, Enap reported that the price of 93-octane petrol fell by 10.6 pesos per liter. Remember last week the same priced 93 gasoline was down just $1.0 a litre.

National Oil Company (Enap) announced in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 23rd All fuel prices have been newly readjusted and today, 93 octane petrol price.

Specifically, this week’s import parity led to a drop in the price of 93 octane gasoline. 10.6 pesos per liter, This didn’t happen a few months ago.

Let’s remember last week it was the same gas price since ’93 It was a mere $1.0 reduction per liter.

Nevertheless, 97-octane petrol price hikes were reported again, This time it’s only 0.6 pesos per liter.

On the other hand, diesel prices are Rising $1.6 per liter Starting this Thursday, November 24th.

Finally, a state-owned company announced the value of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for vehicles It will be a price increase of 10.6 pesos per liter.

– 93 octane rating: -10.6 pesos per liter.
– 97 Octane: +0.6 pesos per liter.
– Diesel: +1.6 pesos per liter.
– LPG: +10.6 pesos per liter.

This decision was made taking into account the Import Parity Pricing Rule, the Fuel Stabilization Mechanism (Mepco) and the Oil Price Stabilization Fund (FEPP).

it’s important to remember Enap will not regulate and will not set gasoline prices higher in the Chilean market.

Source: Biobiochile

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