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Fruit and potatoes remain low: Minister of Agriculture visits Vega Monumental to highlight prices



During his visit to the Bio-Bio region, the Minister of Agriculture visited the Vega Monumental de Concepcion. There, in addition to presenting his report on Best Seasonal Foods, he highlighted the declining value of fruits and vegetables.

Tomatoes and potatoes are some of the products that recorded increases In the last few weeks in the Bio-Bio region. in the first case, The growth rate is 29%. On the other hand, the prices of seasonal fruits have already fallen.

of Vega Monumental de Concepcion It was the site chosen to publish a report on the best seasonal foods conducted by the Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research and Policy Office.

In this regard, the following have been reported over the past four weeks: Tomatoes increased by 29%, averaging 1,157 pesos/kg in the market, while potatoes increased by 4%, averaging 514 pesos/kg in the market.

fruit and vegetable prices
Valeska Belmer | RBB Concepcion

of Minister of AgricultureEsteban Valenzuela toured the Vega Monumental, where he Tomato prices start to fall, but potatoes retain their value.

The report Devalue artichokes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, Merchants at Vega Monumental also report that the prices of strawberries, blueberries and cherries have fallen.

For details, Strawberries sell for 1,000 pesos per kilo and $7,000 per box. A kilo of blueberries fluctuates at $2,000 and cherries at $2,500. A peach is worth no more than $3,000.

Tenants warn that Tomato prices could rise as truck drivers strike Currently at $800, it could reach $1,300.

The Ministry of Agriculture claims 70% lower prices at wholesale fairs.

Source: Biobiochile

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