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Six-year-old boy missing in Indonesia earthquake has been found. He was next to his grandmother’s body.



The 5.6-magnitude earthquake that shook Indonesia on Monday killed 100 children, bringing the total toll to 271, according to figures released by authorities on Wednesday.

Indonesia’s emergency services have found a 6-year-old boy who was buried in Monday’s earthquake alive.

This is a horrifying fact that has already killed more than 270 people, according to official accounts released this Wednesday.

In particular, Disaster Prevention Agency (BNPB) contains 271 fatalities and 40 are still missing.

Indonesian TV station Compass reported the aforementioned article after an earthquake struck near the city of Cianjur in West Java.

But in the final hours, a surviving child was found among the rubble of a house in the town of Nagrek in Indonesia’s Cianjur district.

A juvenile named Azka was found next to her grandmother’s dead body about 40 hours after the first tremor.

Authorities estimate that the quake damaged more than 2,300 buildings, injured more than 1,000 people, and displaced about 58,000 people.

Some aid organizations work with local authorities to care for victims.

In a statement, Yacobus Runtuwene, Humanitarian Emergencies Director of Wahana Visi Indonesia (World Vision Indonesia) confirmed the presence of an NGO in the town of Tigenang. The victims are children. ”

World Vision has begun distributing tarps and masks as a first aid measure in emergencies.

Source: Biobiochile

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