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They fine Bolsonaro’s party $1 million for asking to void the election



The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has ruled that Jair Bolsonaro, a member of the military, has asked Brazil’s Liberal Party, a member of the military, to annul the last presidential election, deeming him to have filed a lawsuit in bad faith.430 fined $10,000. “.

Formation of the Liberal Party (PL) Jair Bolsonaro A decision by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) announced Wednesday this week means that he will have to pay a fine of 22.9 million reais (about $4.3 million) for calling for the annulment of the presidential election last October.

The fine refuses Bolsonaro’s party demands and the formation’s actions “Bad Faith Lawsuit”.

A lawsuit filed by PL that backed the far-right leader’s candidacy for re-election questioned 61% of the electronic ballot boxes used in the second round of elections held on Oct. 30. .

upon request, The Tokyo Stock Exchange responded that it would only be able to analyze the issue if questions were also raised regarding electronic ballot boxes in the first round of voting. Because the same device was used in both cases.

In its first round, parliamentary elections will also take place, with PL winning 99 MPs and becoming the first minority in the House of Representatives from next year.

This Wednesday, the formation admitted that it had found no “problems” with the vote in the first round of the election, but reiterated that it had problems in the second round, citing “validation” of the vote that brought it the victory. ” claimed Luis Inacio Lourada Silva.

According to the president of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, There are no indications in the petition justifying a re-evaluation of some of the ballot boxes.

“The plaintiff’s utter malice in his outrageous and illegal demands, ostensibly offensive to the democratic rule of law and carried out in a trivial manner. Promote criminal and anti-democratic movements (…) proved both by its refusal to add the original petition and by the complete absence of any indication of wrongdoing and the existence of completely fraudulent accounts of the facts.

In the second presidential election, Lula won 50.9% of the vote, compared to 49.1% won by Bolsonaro, and was endorsed and recognized as transparent by all participating national and international observer missions.

Following the order of the supreme electorate, PL announced that it has already engaged legal counsel to analyze the TSE’s decision.

Source: Biobiochile

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