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37 years later, they have identified the ‘Beast of Bondi’ who terrorized Sydney



The first genetic clues about the transgression caused by the “Beast of Bondi,” whose families were shocked by the double life they believed were exemplary fathers and grandfathers, came to light in 2005. . Century in Randwick Cemetery near Bondi.

37 years since the first incident in a series of rapes committed by “Beast of Bondi” Australian police have closed investigations into these cases by identifying the serial rapist who gave them the scare sydney for almost 20 years.

that man who raped or tried to rape 31 women From 1985 to 2001, in a quiet part of the city of Sydney with its famous Bondi Beach, His name is Keith Sims. 60 minutes by program bulletinwill be broadcast next Sunday.

The discovery closed the case after 40 years of investigation, but ironically it was discovered months after Sims died last February at the age of 66.

Simms’ identity seems clear. This is because genetic technology that identifies chromosomes has found that semen samples from 12 of the victims match theirs.

“No two people share the same DNA. That’s why we got to this one.” Detective Jane Dougherty emphasized. This police chief.

Nineteen other cases are also linked to him. “Centennial Park Rapist” Also “Tracksuit Rapist” Because of the modus operandi.

Crime in “Beast of Bondi”

The rapists generally attacked women between the ages of 13 and 55. Centennial Park.

This is the eastern suburbs, or small forest on the coastal path between Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach.

In other cases, women were raped while sleeping at home.

“I was so scared…it felt like it wasn’t happening, it was a nightmare.” Nurse Jennifer, who was reluctant to give her last name, recalled. She was 33 when she was raped in Randwick’s apartment in 1987, the paper reported this week. Sydney Morning Herald.

Despite some inconsistencies in the descriptions of the attackers, the victims all emphasized that: He had dark, wavy skin and hair.

“There were a lot of similarities. There were crimes committed in people’s homes in the middle of the night. And in almost every case of home break-ins, it was the same situation,” Sherry Johns said before the show. A detective explains.

Police have created a special unit to investigate the evidence. This allowed us to expand our investigation to the 31 currently known cases.

Three years ago, forensic experts were able to reduce the number of suspects to 324, thanks to chromosome and evidence analysis. Keith Sims was the “Beast of Bondi”.

Source: Biobiochile

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