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China records worst covid-19 data of entire pandemic



China registers worst covid-19 data of entire pandemic/European Press

China registers worst covid-19 data of entire pandemic/European Press

Chinese health officials on Thursday reported the worst daily data on coronavirus infections since the covid-19 pandemic began.

Specifically, the Ministry of Health has completely locked down the metropolis of Shanghai, reporting 29,754 new positives, surpassing the 28,973 detected in mid-April. According to official media, the number has surged again in recent weeks.

Authorities are now opting for a little more direct and less indiscriminate measures after two months of quarantines like in Shanghai led to protest attempts. But that doesn’t prevent a tense scene like the one recently recorded at Apple’s main iPhone manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou from happening.

In Beijing, authorities are choosing to reduce social mobility by closing public places such as schools, parks and museums, while restrictions are affecting some areas.

On the 11th, the Ministry of Health updated its protocol in case of infection, shortening the quarantine period for contacts of infected patients and reducing the pressure on testing.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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