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Roentgen let him escape: they found ‘stowaway’ cat at New York airport



“Smell” nearly made it to Florida, except airport officials caught him in time.

A rare stowaway was spotted Tuesday at John F. Kennedy International Airport. New York About inspection by X-ray Standing out for its lantern-like silhouette, authorities found a cat hidden in one of the suitcases.

it was about “smell” (“Smell”), almost accidentally boarded a plane to the Florida Panhandle.

This discovery prompted Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents to inspect the suitcase and found the closure to be ajar. The orange fur of the cat stands out.

It’s no news that cats like to wrap themselves in suitcases, with or without clothes. He was quickly called back to the counter by agents and explained that his stowaway belonged to a friend he was staying with.

As TSA’s Lisa Farbstein confirmed, the “Smells” immediately went home and quipped. “On the positive side, cats are no longer confined.”

Meanwhile, the TSA announced the discovery on Twitter, flooded with cat puns in English, and posted pictures of the animal when it was found and when agents went to rescue it.

The cat’s owner, identified as Alix, 37, of Brooklyn, was contacted by police. new york postthrough which he explained that his pet slipped into the suitcase of a friend who was visiting.

“Cops called me and asked if I wanted to bring charges against his guests,” he explained. I wanted to know if there was a

However, she confidently rejects this hypothesis, arguing that: It was just an accident. “

Thus, Smells is rescued at the airport by Alix’s fiancée, discovering the cat seemed indifferent to his adventures. “I was worried he was going crazy, but he didn’t even meow on the way home. I gave him some awards and he acted like nothing happened. “

Source: Biobiochile

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